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Etosha Pan

When I was a little girl, I use to watch the nature programs that they broad casted on Sunday afternoons on television and I distinctly remember my fascination with the Etosha pan (Etosha means “the great white place“).

Early last year after some very good rains, the pan was full of water, and I had the opportunity to see it. It was just magnificent! I have seen the dry pan before, but never with water in – it was breathtaking. The pan isĀ  shallow, but it stretches for 120km from east to west and with a maximum width of 55km. It was like I was driving smack bam into a National Geographic Documentary…. One of those special-special moments you will treasure in your heart for always.

Another thing I like about the Etosha Pan is one of its place names:
Ondundozonananandana” – it means “the mountains where the calves went missing

We always have fun trying to say it fast without making a mistake!

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